First an email from National Geographic’s last night about what an ex did, and now soundcloud is on time out. OK people read my 200+ verses I wrote before going to Europe last year on BACK2THEFRESH,COM #ShowMustGoOn #FresherThanThoseOtherBoys

Let me take the business class Am Track to Yale University later on this year just to do some triple backflips on campus #FresherThanThoseOtherBoys

About to read @danprimack’s Term Sheet @FortuneMagazine always keeps me up on up to date Venture Captital Deals. That big boy **** #Global

I can put venture capital and equity deals on wax
IPO’s and Goldman Sachs, what you know about dat?
I’m looking at the money, Tony James and Blackstone
My last names James, need I remind ninjas back home?
I’ll have ya chicks shopping Saks on a regular
I pop bottles in every city ****** regular
All this whisperin’ emulating my style
I be in the clubs fresh as s*** ya’ll lookin’ hostile
They sabotage and imitate
I circumvent the situation then implement a contingency, ya’ll ****** straight?
Oh, I get it, you questioned a few critics and thought you knew me Next time ask me, you know I’m a hustler, you read about the jewelry
$40 Million for the stone no buyers approached me
I crossed over your favorite artist, no liar can coach me
(Whispers) Why ya’ll aint give Len Bias a trophy
I aint fallin on the floor for none of ya’ll, coach me
Please make sure no liars approach me
M********** I’m the truth, ya’ll tired I’m coasty
Ya’ll don’t even know what’s goin on outchere
I don’t curr, long as dat ***** purr, beAwurr

Ladies and gentlemen. My @SoundCloud is finally back up. Turn me up some “What You Got” 

Duronn “Justis” James™ Did It
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