Look at my family turn on me right in front of ya’ll
Look at my position aint he smart, not dumb at all?
Talkin’ to all of ya’ll not just some of ya’ll
All Sun All Moon June to September til the summer fall
Get it? Summer Fall? That’s two seasons
That’s two quarters, my business mindstate untouchable believe it
Ya’ll watched these moguls mimic my s***
Then ya’ll followed them, we look at ya’ll like, b****
My grandpop aint comin’ home for 17 years
Look what I wear s*** better seem fair
Ya’ll settin traps up, we send a fox through
Two royal families look at ya’ll like Jus’ can’t top who?
Ya’ll outta pocket like money on the floor
If they are what they are, why I’m sittin here and those dummies at the door?
They rap my old s*** in Europe right now
The RIAA follow me like wow
I’m with BMI but I can sit on Ascap board
They both follow me and I aint win no award

RT@JustisJames1 RT@iamdiddy Actions > Words

@iamdiddy just got a degree from where my family was a professor at
U a doctor now, cap & gown, send a message back
I been back and fourth from to D.C since a kid tho
You scared to leave ya town you know what it is yo
They hit me with a car I got up and took a detour
From NY to Miami ran down on the eastern seaboard
Swam in Norway, touched the Sicilian sea floor
I said im international, I seen this s*** B4
Uh oh I’m gettin wavy with it, give you the gravy with it
Told the baddest ***** I’m a virgin, she made me hit it
Ya’ll out here dancin’, shoes too big
I’m out here dancin’, who you with?

Duronn “Justis” James™ Did It
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