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Coca Cola Since 1886 by The United States
Pepsi Since 1893 by The United States

I’m a bottled water drinker and sometimes I drink soda. I usually prefer Coca Cola but if that isn’t around, I’ll drink Pepsi. In Oslo, Norway I drank Coca Cola for about 6 months last year. I never drank Pepsi because no store I went to had Pepsi. Now after I got back to the United States in December of 2013, I didn’t have Coca Cola around all of the time so I drank Pepsi instead.

About 2 months after drinking Pepsi I began feeling an irregular feeling in my penis after drinking Pepsi. After drinking water after the Pepsi the irregular feeling disappeared and didn’t return until I drank more Pepsi. Now keep in mind that I drank Coca Cola for about 6 months in Oslo in 2013, so the Pepsi was relatively new to my digestive system. So I put the Pepsi down and just drank Coca Cola and water.

When drinking that Coca Cola, that irregular feeling in my penis I had when drinking Pepsi never happened. In fact, I’ve been drinking Coca Cola for about 3 months. I drank Pepsi about an hour ago and I felt that irregular feeling in my penis. I drank bottled water after that and it disappeared.

I drink bottled water everyday especially when I jog. I jog 5-10 miles so I have to remain hydrated. I ended up in the hospital once because of dehydration in 2008-2009.

But what I would like to know is what ingredient does Pepsi have or lacks that Coca Cola has? Even though Coca Cola (1886 United States) and Pepsi (1893 United States) are competitors and they have similar taste, they are not the same. Coca Cola existed 7 years before Pepsi. I know that information will not be released to the general public because it may stifle Coca Colas financial growth. I wouldn’t want to get in the way of that multi billion dollar brand, but that information has to be released, for health reasons. I’ll drink COCA COLA sometimes and of course water all of the time, just no more Pepsi for me.