Didn’t I pass Chapelle? Didn’t I pass Mike?
Yall actin like I was born like last night
Ya’ll actin’ like I don’t ride like a fast bike
I wear my shades at night what you need a flash light?
My favorite pair of jeans come from Greece
Comme Des Garcon, put your heart on my shirt, sheeeesh
That’ssss Japanese in Paris
The Arch Duke Joseph got all kinds of carats
When I say the future, I’m talkin’ bout now
{mumbles} Listen to my music you can talk about sound
My chicks been bad since @REALStaceyDash Clueless
Dressed like fashion models, ya’ll ****** do it?
I been dancin on grammy winners since they been stealin’ from me
And if ya doubt that then I guess your still a dummy

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014