How come Camden NJ is looking like it’s in slavery to everyone? How come it feels like everyone outside of Camden NJ are about to set it off? Isn’t it 2014? ‪How come they don’t remember what happened in 2012 and I do? Didn’t the Mayan leader Pocal Votan say that the world would end and a new one would start? What happened? What’s going on? Do you feel any different? Does it look the same? Does it sound the same?

How come they didn’t understand me before? How come they act like they understand me now? Are you really you? I mean, who are you? How come I speak to you and you turn around and twist and mix up what I said to you? What’s wrong? Do you know? Are your senses too numb too understand what’s going on? Are you smoking marijuana or is that something you think is marijuana? It’s probably something you think is marijuana that’s why you’re acting like that. That’s why it’s probably being legalized because you ass holes are lacing it. Let them legalize it to keep it pure. Atleast you’ll know exactly what you’re smoking or eating.

Are you in tune with nature? Do you respect her? Are you taking care of her majesty? I don’t know, maybe this medical marijuana is stronger than I thought.