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Here is my Xray & Hit & Run report from 2010. I arrived at the hospital Feb 27th 2010 1:09 Am and departed Feb 27th 2010 3:09 AM.
It says their was nothing different but I don’t believe it.

After doing double backflips and landing on the right side of my head and shoulders I rested on my back in the snow for about 10 minutes. I then got up and a couple demanded that I get in the back seat of their car. They drove me about 1 mile up the road to a near by wawa so that I could get a Gatorade. They wanted to drive me to the hospital but I just walked 5 or 6 miles in the snow until a New Jersey State Trooper pulled me over and called the ambulance for me.

I have the xrays and cat scans on disk. I don’t think I can upload them.

Now all I need is that hit and run photage from the street cameras if they had them.
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