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(In photo: William & Ronja Butler and their 2 sons who are “huge soccer fans” This Photo does not belong to BACK2THEFRESH.COM)

Last night I attended something called “3rd Thursday” elevenone Studio Gallery at 339 N. Front Street, Suite B in Camden, New Jersey. The studio is owned and operated by my friends William & Ronja Butler. William Butler is an extremely talented artist who’s unique vision separates himself from the pack, and his wife Ronja Butler is the C.E.O of Thomas Lift “Love, Justice, & Restoration”.

They have “3rd Thursdays” every month. I’ve been there about 4-5 times already. The crowd is always diverse including the young and old. I’ve met business owners, poets, photographers, nurses, college & university students, and musicians.

I love Williams artwork. My favorites are “Illuminated Love” & “Exist”. You can see some of the art work by clicking here: Eleven One Art Gallery

The art gallery is down the street from Rutgers University and up the street from The Victor Lofts. It’s housed in the old fire house where my highschool football coach and lawyer Troy Archie had his Law Firm and Sport Agency at. And the Camden River Sharks Baseball Field is just 2 blocks away.

If you go there at least one day this year on a “3rd Thursday” I guarantee you, you’ll love it, it’s the perfect environment.

His fine art pricings are between $700 -$11,000. I always go alone, but it’s a great place to bring a date to. They’ve also teamed up with different studios, distillers, pubs, and restaurants in the area. It’s also a hot up and coming tourist attraction. I’d say, “this is the best thing I’ve been to in Camden, New Jersey in a long time“.