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There is this playground in North Camden operated by the YMCA on York Street between Front and Point Street. I’ve been back and forth to that playground ever since I’ve returned from Norway in December 2013 (6 months ago).

The first time I walked through I spoke to YMCA representatives and I asked how often does the playground get cleaned up. They told me that it got cleaned randomly. So I asked that they please keep the playground clean and free of broken glass bottles and trash because you have children running around virtually unsupervised.

There are only about 2-3 YMCA representatives there everyday but there are about 20-30 children running around. That makes it impossible for every child to be supervised. So the next day the cities cleaners came by and cleaned up the play ground. And they cleaned it up on the following day. After that they disappeared.

Now today at about 5-6pm I went over to the playground reading an ESPN magazine like I’ve done the previous day. I’m sitting on one of the benches and I started looking around the area and I saw how dirty it was. I saw broken glass everywhere. I saw paper and plastic everywhere on the ground. And who knows what else.

I just got tired of looking at how filthy and how dangerous the playground was to the children and walked over to the two YMCA representatives they had their today. I spoke with “Vanessa” who was there with her daughter and she seemed to be uncomfortable with the environment of the playground.

She agreed that there are things that could be better inside the playground and outside of the playground. The grass should be cut on the outside of the playground on a regular basis, the playground itself needs to be swept everyday. The parents who live directly across the street in the apartments should sometimes be over at the playground supervising their children.

“You never know who’s around you should always protect your child”. It’s a community playground that says from, “Dusk To Dawn” on the front entrance. Directly in back of the playground is a little league baseball field that should also be kept up to par on a regular basis.

If the communities “citizens” don’t have any pride in what’s built from the ground up right in front of them, then those citizens shouldn’t have a voice when it comes to any constructive activity designed to upgrade the property. Especially when you just sit back and just watch in a city that has been dubbed the most dangerous city in America…