They have me out here in Camden NJ surrounded by all enemies,
Since the outside doesn’t want to directly interfere and help me out I don’t trust the energy,
They team up and blow things out of proportion,
Never trust them, lights out with the torches,
They know me from America all around all called for a holy war,
I said never trust them, they’re smiles are only war,
They get amnesia fast and act like they never saw you,
That’s possession no confession can make their words true,
Ya’ll read holy book and don’t believe what’s in front of you,
Holy water for who? Old Testament and King David will do,
You don’t believe that? Then why did you read it?
Get these undercover slaves to black islam away from me, believe it,
Middle Eastern Islam and I are truely friends plus we party,
They know I go to church but the other ones are interested, hardly
Now if Islam comes from the far east and the west re creates it,
Boy I sure wouldn’t want to be the west because the far east keeps it basic,
They call me brother, they’re out here in New York,
I’m in Camden NJ like Luke with the force,
Sincerely your Pal Mr back2thefresh
Please stay fresh and dressed for success …