I chant when I speak so they remember that Provida Swag
Already seen my shoes they not even in my sneaker class
Justing Jeans is the un-iform, my pass-port
A fly me to another place, all that fresh my swag caught
You ball? We kick it like soccer all over
I’ll put Hope Solo on my team, we won, ya’ll foldin’
In America, they mimic what they saw me do
Then act like they don’t know me, they better know who’s who
I pet the wolf and make the muzzle touch the ground tail waggin’
I run around blind folded on a trail like a trail wagon
Ya’ll lookin’ for the Volturi, but aint ready for that step yet
You see that moon comin’ in? Whatever, long as my pet fresh
Ya’ll talk to um, I turn my back and chant that, uhh
Ya’ll interfere with things you shouldn’t see, huh?
I ignore traffic and keep my eyes on the lights
Never trust traffic, I’m immortal all night
This pain can’t be dumbed down by what you talk about
You don’t even know my kind, I’ll talk to you walkin’ out
Excalibershines a mystery school, don’t knock uninvited
The doors switch up, hidden trails, can’t see it with a psychic