If I get a girl before I go back to Europe, I’ll take her to get her hair done by Columbians in Jersey.
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thuuuursday.
I speak access, pass through all doors.
Pop up in your studio, performing like a small tour.
Your flow better match with those words that you speak.
Cos if it sounds like I wrote it and didn’t get paid for it, they’re in your face like, eat.
Built a team of trial lawyers, just in case I need’m one day. Gettin’ dark outside like the clouds in the suns way.
And me? I sparred with Barack for two years.
My conversation shut whoever down, who’s there?
Knock Knock, put that fashion on the wrist like a painted 7.
Romaine Jerome DNA of a famous legend.
My ninja, collars always popped up like the count.
7th full moon of the years coming in, yea I can count.
I ran the streets of Philly all day yesterday to Cynwyd.
I know ya’ll missed me, all that trash talk, keep a ninja gooood.
I move on you like Temple even though St Joe around.
Flash through the Jesuits they already know I’m in the town.
Who? Who? Who? All that Bohemian.
All these rumors uh huh what you see me in?
You aint even see me though, tan keeps switchin’ on.
I bring them bad ***** out gettin my non fiction on.
Attitudes arrogant use to be my kind of girls.
Im in places you never heard about, never been your kind of world.
Blacks blast rap music when I’m joggin through the mansions.
What you do that for?, I know it was Will Smith, don’t make me throw a tantrum.
He was like Overbrook, the big O, engine hair.
Natives everywhere, my mom aint here, they still interfere.
I made speeches in front of Bruno Contracting in brick houses.
Fire places, 1 hour, 6 thousand.
Didn’t I see Channing Tatum in Europe in a hoodie riding by ducking down.
As soons I got off that flight I saw you in my town.
And after I left Oslo, Gary Dourdan popped up in our store January 28th.
My nat geo doesn’t lie, hold up, wait… http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/photos/2897856/