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I appreciate you guys for giving me the key to the city today. Their are two things I would like to discuss and only two things. I will classify them according to gender and subject. Those subjects are “Human Rights” and “Music”

(The crowd applauds and one women screams)


We love you.

(Smiles and pulls his shades down)


Hey, are you talking to me?


You damn right I am.

(Clears his throat)


Love is my favorite word. Especially when I hear it the way you say it.

(The crowd cheers and applauds for 20 seconds)

Thank you. Thank you. Now down to business. I respect feminism to the fullest and support women 1000% but some women have learned certain masculine characteristics that makes their femininity seem like it’s in opposition to the movement they publicly represent. Mind detects mind. Keep it sexy for me. I don’t see any reason whatsoever on this earth why a young dandy such as myself has to show you how to conduct yourself in public. Go make that bread for ya boy…

And the second thing is. Turn that beat on.

My European constituents and I are all cultures
26 countries will vouch, I’ll Tom Cruise ya’ll sofas
Ya’ll talkin’ reckless, bitin’ my style, your against oil
You aint cook it right, add charcoal before you broil
Approached by King Arthur, walked inside of White Leopard
Stepped out with stripes on me, I respect the 32nd
Russia went to Egypt for me, wrote my name in the sand
I get Moscow on a ***** make’m bow like Japan
I spit it, speakers blow. watch where those speeches go
Put a map around ya circle for frontin’ ,sneakers glow
That’s a crop circle you aint neen seem before, no
Yup, put you in the million dollar dream before you know
You chose me to be your opposition? Are you stupid?
That 33rd tappin where? You spill it, I’m cupid
You spill it, I’m cupid, you spill it, I’m cupid
Wings on my back, swag still in my music
You aint usin’ it right, lemme show you how to use it
Stop playin with the coffee fore Columbia prove it
Maxwell House, Folgers, I’m ridin’ with Dicaprio
In the waters with Johnny Depp, you aint ready for that maximo.
I’m surely a gent with it, hopin’ off the fence with it
I’ll James everything, you tryna to be Shawn Kemp with it?

My ninja like I said NAS didn’t want it. What’s wrong with these psych ward babies? Outta pocket like money on the floor. Gotta check a ***** like a boss. Go cash it after you earn some respect. All of that legendary fly **** comin out in my speech, they can’t stick me so they tried to contain me. What I do? Score on the whole team. They have me out here passing the ball to myself exploiting my skills in-front of the general public. Why am I passing the ball to myself? Got me exceeding expectation evertime.

(Clout drops the mic and jumps into the crowd)