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In this TMZ photage R&B singer Akon says that Beyonce & Jay Z’s relationship is perceived as a business to the outside world. Well, the word FUCK is short for “Fornication Under Consent of the King”. So a marriage is a corporation. And according to the law you are not supposed to FUCK until you are married and to get married you need consent. And you have to pay to get married and in return they’ll give you a certificate that says you’re a married couple (corporation). No one actually comes out and says that or maybe even is aware of what they are after getting married.

Being married doesn’t take love. For instance, many couples straight, gay, lesbian, all get married for insurance and other benefits. Society has lost its love overall because there are so many children being born out-of-wedlock. People have made a mockery out of love because they don’t believe in it. Sex and love is sacred.

If marriage wasn’t a corporation there wouldn’t be an option to divorce (exit strategy). That’s corporate thinking right there. Friday March 30th 2013 I said, “I was just thinking about relationships earlier today and I have a question. Do you think relationships should be treated like a business (Exit strategy included?) or should it be treated like a foundation (With the intentions of lasting forever?)” see here.

I had three fiance’s and had sex with all 3 before we even were supposed to have gotten married. I’ve been single and a virgin for 9 months now. And I’m trying not to have sex until I get married. Every time I have sex before I get married something goes wrong. But I’ll make sure my marriage is a foundation …