I talk trash to bad models all the time.
Ducked it 35 times, I aint even in my prime,
M********* I’m great say Duronn!
Excalibershine, if you read me stay in line.
I put st John, on her body in the north.
Runnin’ circles around whoever for the sport.
I spark the torch, run with it, Prefontain.
Babe park the porche and come get it, ne-on frames,
They hatin’ like it’s cool, I’m waitin like it’s school,
Past the class already, know the math already,
Got laces in my shoes, aces in my rules,
Got a mask already, you pacin’? I’m a move.
Colorado, the rockies, hit the slopes like I’m rocky.
Probably jump a car in the snow cos I’m cocky.
With my shades on, rays on, Optics, Ra
Huh? Wha? Yeah, Ya, La, Ah…

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014

Music is the universal language. I discovered that “sound” is alive by writing a poem a while back. Be careful what you say because sound will repeat your vibe. The vibrations in your voice. Poem —-> “Hear Me” http://back2thefresh.com/2014/05/18/hear-me/