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They try to tear you down publicly, every time you rise,
I’m yet to see loyalty, high rule say hi,
All of those facts, ya’ll have to be kiddin’.
After me flickin’, athlete tickets,
You’re in the game where? I’m at a track meet in slippers
I’m at it with you know, I’m you know who son,
All of these traders are lookin’ like you know who son
The Japanese call me “You know who son”
Out with the old and I’ll kick it with a new one
They’re actually with the Pakis crosses with the crowns on em
They asked me last week so bosses go to town on em
Fashion week no jackets cheap got euros and pounds on em
She loves my style everything else sounds foreign
You comin’? The club has a glass roof on it
Two suanas in the back she’s bad with boots on her
You taunt us, we live it, act, and move on it
Two corners in the back, relax, or juice moment
That’s bishops on pawns, only one queen
Christmas Sean Jean, It’s only one ring
Business on the phone, it’s only one ring
I run the score board Up! It’s only one teeeeeeeeeam
Partied in every room, pool on the roof
Execs got cameras out spilled booze on her boots
Was with Cali in the south no rules for the truth
A week after Brooklyn I was who’s for the suits?

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014