If you try to support me now with the intentions of tearing me down you will be disrespected publicly,
I’m constructive not deconstruction, so make sure it’s real love because no ones ducking me,
That’s not retaliation, that’s a mirror looking at you, see, it repeats your image,
I’ll run circles around you backwards, feel the force but can’t tap it, you can’t see it when you’re in it,
Her names Karma and her mothers name is Destiny, you better believe mother natures in between,
Growing my hair for 3 years, music is my language, check out my traits and my genes,
Double flips from a hit and run landed on my neck rested on the highway for 10 minutes,
Walked half way to the hospital, they released me in hours, a medical mystery, I’m not finished,
These people don’t know what I know, that’s clear, so, I’m very selective about who I speak too,
All Sun All Moon, I’m on esoteric time, because everything else is see through,
They turned against me with systems they learned from (shoulder shrug) “We don’t give a ****”,
Excalibershine is the last fraternity pick it up, pick it up, pick it up.