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I went to a Super market today, and I’ll tell you. Boy was I offended and I’ll tell you why.

I initially picked up a package of 3 rib eye steaks. I rarely eat meat, but it was just a quick substitute for beef carpaccio. But anyway, I changed my mind about the 3 rib eye steaks after I walked by the fresh fillet on ice. There was an African American woman behind the counter. She turned her head away from me and greeted an older white couple like she didn’t see me standing there first. They looked at me and walked right by her and didn’t even speak. I said, “Hello how much are your steak fillets?” She paused, so I said never mind, just give me two. I then walked back to my cart and took the package of 3 rib eye steaks back to the freezer where it came from. Went back to her and got my fillets.

Why did I have to experience that racism from that African American woman? That wasn’t stereotyping, that was direct racism and I’m sick of it! I’m so appalled. Why did she do that to me? Like I’m some kind of regular reprocessed, cheap ground beef, animal killing, slaughter house butchering, butcher knife toting meat eater!

Ok, now that that’s out of my system, I’m calm. Tea time.