Royal Baby

Philly doesn’t want anyone better than Will Smith.
He could have went to M.I.T but chose music and film and got real rich.
Hey. I’m a woooooord archi-tect.
I write all genres and film like yes.
Been in the papers since 5th grade, studio for 6 days.
My music report cards looking like 6 A’s.
That’s 566 or 665.
Put it on cruise control or let the stick shift drive.
Best flow of all time, they sing it, one palm.
I bring it, one line, encore , one time.
{Pauses! and wipes my face with a cloth}
I can write songs for a new Diana Ross.
A new #RoyalBabys coming, kicking in Kates stomach.
That’s number 2 It’ll be here before we make summer.

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014