It’s Autumn and Little Slice Of New York Pizzeria is directly a block away from Rutgers University, and up the street from Rowan University and Camden County College in Camden NJ. It’s the beginning of a new semester and the fraternities and sororities are recruiting. Little Slice Of New York Pizzeria is an excellent location to meet up at because of its mouth watering pizza, and taste bud teasing cheese steaks.

I’m almost a vegetarian but even I can’t resist their cheese steaks. I did a Q&A with Little Slice Of New Yorks Pizzerias owner Peter Toso earlier this year in the 1st quarter (Read here: JUSTIS JAMES Q&A’s: @JustisJames1 And Little Slice Of New York Pizzeria) and was impressed with what Peter had to say. It is now the 3rd quarter of the year and as far as I’m concerned, I think his business has played a major role in what has been dubbed the “University District” of Camden NJ.

You have students from all over the world attending classes at the 3 institutions who orders food from his resteraunt, and I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to vouch for his resteraunts impact. He’s been in that location for 22 years, which is almost a “quarter of a century”. Between the New Jersey State Aquarium, The Victor, Campbells Baseball Field (which houses the Riversharks), Susquehanna Bank Center, Battleship New Jersey, and other businesses in the waterfront area, I don’t see any reason whatsover why Camden NJ wouldn’t be able to compete businesswise with surrounding cities in South Jersey.

It’s definately an emerging city full of future College/University graduates who has the potential to create greater things.

With the University District spearheading Camden NJ’s revival, Little Slice Of New York Pizzeria is definately at the top of the list for being responsible for Camden New Jerseys comeback. I don’t think that people should talk about what Camden New Jersey use to be, I think they should talk about what it is now and what it’s transforming into.

Peter Toso is definately the kind of business owner that any community would be proud to have as a business leader in their community.