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A couple of days ago I stopped into a store in Haddonfield New Jersey called THE SUMMIT SAMPLER OF HADDONFIELD “For the finishing touches that make a house a home.”

Their stores slogan is definitely in-sync with what’s inside of it. They even have a man cave section on the right hand side of the store. That’s where “I discovered” my new favorite lotion, “Manderin Chardonnay Grape Seed Oil” from Napa Valley. It comes from the Napa Soap Company.

But there are so many other things in that store that’s sure to transform your house into a home.

For instance, they have this book shelf in the man cave section that’s about 9 feet high and holds a 64 inch flat-screen. It’s beautiful and if I’m not mistaken priced at about $52,000. Don’t quote me on that price, be sure to stop by yourself to check it out.

They also have beds, lamps, tables, chairs, wall accessories, clocks, soap, etc. And to top it all off, the stores customer service and hospitality is absolutely impeccable.

Brandon was a huge help and he assisted me with everything I needed help with. I’ve been going to Haddonfield New Jersey for years just to shop at different stores and they have always been chic.

“But THE SUMMIT SAMPLER OF HADDONFIELD just adds that extra flavor that keeps Haddonfield at the top of its game”.

In fact, when I was in that store the other day I immediately thought of one person and that’s Hamptons Magazine @HamptonsMag editor and chief Samantha Yanks.

I think she would love it. It’s her style. Haddonfield New Jersey isn’t the Hamptons but it sure feels like it sometimes.