One lawyer, two lawyer, three lawyer, four
Five lawyers, six lawyers, seven lawyers or
Nine lawyers, ten lawyers a law firm tour
We can replace that and bring in ten more.
They’re out here dancin’ shoes too big
I’m out here dancin’ who you wit?
26 countries put me out for 5 years
Now royalties like hurry up back here.
In the states my records clear like glass.
Me? A child prodigy, where’s my cash?
Didn’t commit one crime, I escaped traps
You can ask the Norwegians and Brits, face the facts.
I’m one of one, never play with dat are you illiterate?
They disrespected my etiquette, you want who to be considerate?
She’s chasing rappers with 10 kids already
That’s a dumb chick aint even worth a chevy.
He’s cool to you because ten people says he is.
My nigga, I been pullin ******** forever I’m a thespian.
Lesbians, tried to get me drunk at Def Jams parties.
The hood never been street, you can ask Marley.
The streets is written though, all in the testament.
From Royal street to Ghetto street, ya’ll niggaz represent.
The young boys follow me, my mind states Wall Street.
The young girls on me like those ******** dog meat.
My nigga, they follow my raps like a diagram.
I’m about business map out entire plans.
Quiet vans rims tucked inside of tire spans.
Ya’ll always throw rocks then try to hide ya hands.
They aint the stage type, they hidin’ in the stands
Bandana on my head a get me ridin’ like Japan.
{Teeth Clenched} Stay away from me if you don’t know what you ridin’ for.
I’m inside the law and I taught a nigga how to ball.

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014