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Green light go me no hesitate wait
Connecticut, connect I cut, separate states
I activate what was here, I put it in motion
The moneys born blurry til I put it in focus
Aye man listen, I’mma K park on Wall Street
It’s only one label in the stock market sweep
Stop all that middle man talk
Sara Jessica Parker spilled coffee on me in New Yawk
I put you in your place before buddy
All my queen B’s want is more honey
And if you think you’re that buddy and those shoes fit
Then bring me that money or the rules split
Right in half somethin’ like the 10 commandments
The Prince Of Egypt don’t trust you send a hand print
Open up a tomb and resurrect any Pharaoh
Amon Ra The Sun God dressed in fresh apparel
O man, O lord, they was stuntin’ on me
Excalibershine is designed stop frontin’ on me
You lost yourself, I turned into me
I’m immortally inclined, respect my century
Awww man yes Atom Willis got them rabbits in it.
I need a badd ***** that never makes a bad decision
My chain keeps switchin up I’m runnin’ on this earth
Survival of the fittest you don’t really want no work
No, you don’t want no work, you don’t want no work
I sing it like a Christmas carol, you don’t want no work
My name rings bells from royal streets to the corporate office
You are who you hang with, schooled by the bosses
I know your kind, I put you in your place before
Don’t lie on me, what you keep it basic for?

RT@JustisJames1 @THEkarliehustle They don’t want none of that.

They’re scared of success, I dress it and speak it
Flow all decent, (collars popped) vampire weekend
That’s rock, bonjovi show, I clutch it like Kobe
Poppin my gum sharp like shanobi
I use to have Violator A&R’s heads boppin’
In the middle of Manhattan before I went shoppin’
Uh And you can ask the Bronx that
Fresh all on my clothes tryna make a con tact
New York know me for bringin’ that money out
Floatin’ through the Lincoln tunnel specially when its sunny out
I bought Europe to Sunset Park in 2006
All out in Brooklyn switchin’ up the mix
2008 I was all up on Wall Street
In meetin’s with millionaires unsigned who ya’ll beat?
Uh my business etiquette’s back in motion again
They out here actin’ like Joey son don’t win
Uh They aint doin’ no Shhh like that
They’re soundin;’ like me again, I’m son’n em BACK
Ya’ll rappers a meet New York clappers with ties on
Aint no loyalty out here with rappers they side wrong
And you can take that (pause) to the bank
Me and London got it on lock extra tanks
Bout to upgrade my fashion with new name brands
I put you on base londons royal blue the same hand
Hype up whoever, they better be built
Or we’re aaaaall on their heaaaaads like a hijab. Silk!
They go crazy for me like, white straight jackets on
All Sun All Moon I might break the crack of dawn
Ya’ll in over ya’ll heads, she’s head over heels,
He never left his city but he swears he’s real
Me? I’m leeeeavin’ on a cot damn jet plane
Presidential tint on my face ***** check frames
I Walk’. through the mall. with a plate. full of sushi
You aint use to no shhhh like that, they throw coochi
Rappers tape record rappers and try to use photage
Don’t imitate Hollywood they probably use bullets ‪
Just like they did Bruce Lee
On a movie set his son was next, game of death
Try to kick me sitting down in the chair like Kareem
We double team Ted Dibiasi million dollar dream
Robb Report reader plus I read you ****** like
A quarter back backing down the defense, right?
Advanced formations, both sides blitzin’
I’m in ya coaches face like I’m so tired of listenin’
Option, I put the backfield in motion
It looks like a shotgun everybodys open
Don’t mind us we’re just running down the field
Jersey still pretty in the 3rd quarter Ill
That means I really run 10 miles in slippers
I’m the captain of this ship but you can call me skipper
Say hey ref, do you mind if I switch formations?
And change my position up before we make it
That’s an audible at the line of scrimmage
European fashion my ears got diamonds in’m





I really do it, they’re dreaming for eternity
Back on my business shhh I got agreements with Germany
I’m famous in the Schengen ya’ll playin’ games with
H.E Look at all of that bullshhh going on before I came in
I’m chanting, ya’ll speechin, I’m speaking
Ya’ll reachin’ get jabbed like that for uninvitedly seeking
Refs blew the whistle, knocked his helmet off that’s a late hit
What they expect? All we know is I was programmed for greatness
I don’t know, all we know is pretty language droppin’ like confetti
All that velvet shhh moving all heavy
I’m stepping on these ***** in suede purple bottoms
You never saw this shhh in ya life, that’s the problem
Talked to my other lawyer last night about fashion
Dressed to kill by designers energetic and classic
Mind ya business before I body ya style
Have them haters like, All that silky hair on that Somalian gal
Her Cape Verdian tan lookin’ all shimmery
It’s easy to be the man but look at all of those enemies
They don’t believe your word because of low class rumors
We see the weapon in that then throw it back, you movin’
Behind the scenes Excalibershines a mystery school
Ya’ll let misery rule ,You don’t really know shhh we got mystery rules
They did something then tried to blame your reaction
What did they do? For sure he’s a master
If they blame your reaction they did something way worse
Look at me my ***** remember me from day 1st
Hey babe. black trucks with large wheels
black pumps are tarheels….my raybands are dark shields
Her hands all on me like a car wheel
blow the fan all on me dry the large bills….yeah
Record my shhhh you read my fans might body you
In front of City Hall make it look all comical
How come its looking like Parliament when I’m in the states?
If you followed me overseas ya’ll steak
Thats $50 dollars a pound filet mignon
I run around sippin’ red bull I’m still young
Back2TheFresh is international press dumbs dumbs
Do dirt to me they gone ask you what you run from?
Maybe monsters, @ladygaga, H.E
Look both ways crossing guards off safety.
I move safeties up to the backfield
You gotta dark visor don’t make a ***** crack shields.
DNA of a famous legend, she drops it slow
Leather jacket on, races out in Monaco
They all scream Geronimo, Clothes from Club Monaco
Shoes long time ago
Don’t read my fresh and recite it like it’s yours
Or that thing not from here commin’ through ya floors
4 doors open up
4 doors open up, supposed to what?
Ok anyway, 4 doors open up
Dan (@danprimack) knows I crack (@FortuneMagazine) fortune open
Wheres ya exit strategy? I got the forces open
I tell her come inside the office, keep ya feet up off the sofa
Don’t play with now, didn’t I tell ya’ll ’bout @Oprah

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