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I love NAPA SOAP Company. Their soap is “hand-made” containing grape seed oil, lavender and herbs. I appreciate small businesses who work at optimum peaks so that their customers are satisfied 100%. Here are 4 products from Napa Soap Company that I can’t live with out.

Lemon Verbena Soap: (This is what it says on the back of the bar of soap) A detoxifying citrus blend of olive, sweet almond, coconut & palm oils, cocoa butter, wine, lemon juice & sprinkling of calendula petals.

It smells great and your wife, girlfriend, or your lady friends will love it. It’s priced at $8.95 per bar.

Mandarin Chardonnay Grapeseed Oil Lotion: This is actually my favorite lotion now. It’s made out of grape seed oil. I actually prefer wearing this over cologne. It stays on your body all day long. It has a unique eye-opening citrus smell that attracts women at the drop of a dime. It’s priced at $18.95.

Grapefruit Pomegranate Grapeseed Oil Lotion: Even though Mandarin Chardonnay is my favorite lotion now. Grapefruit Pomegranate comes second to none babe. Some of the ingredients include: sweet almond, organic shea butter, grapeseed and many other ingredients. You cannot lose with this one either. It’s priced at $18.95.

Napa Man Daily Lotion Sweet Bitter: This lotion actually has hints of black pepper in it as well as coconut, orange, and berries. They personify this lotion by saying that it’s intriguing and charismatic so ladies, what an excellent Christmas present. It’s priced at $21.95. 

If you are interested in any of these fine products or is interested in any other product they make check out their website at napasoap.com

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