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All of these visions underneath my cooper square
All I need is business let’m know I’m too prepared.
Philly And New York, knows they chose to be the enemy
It’s only one Exalibershine, so don’t pretend to be.
They chase dolls and divas, I replace those
I’m in the baddest one you seen like let the pace slow
Push you back.And shut the cabinet on you.
Got ya girl open like hey, what’s that fabric on you?
Didn’t I say Via Della Spiga the most famous street in Italy?
They actin’ funny on me since I lost my tan from Sicily.
I put it on all madden send you through training camp
I trained myself and built myself again see a trained champ
Ya’ll listenin’ to weirdos, give me 10 pair of those, Duronn said it
Beef Carpaccio on fresh ciabatta bread I find chedder
Aint no body ridin’ for me like I do
Reincarnated back I had to die through.

Justis James™ Did It
©Copyright 2014