I was in an office today and I asked a (worker) of that office a question and he started yelling for no reason like he had a bad day or something like that. I just stood there reading my magazine talking to him in a civilized manner. He couldn’t understand my behavior. I’m pretty sure he expected me to yell back causing attention. I’m no stranger to attention but please don’t provoke my reaction like that. The only thing that would have probably happened is that he would have blamed my reaction. Look at the disrespect bosses have to put up with when they are reestablishing themselves from scratch in the face of strangers. Know who’s who. I’m one of the kindest individuals in the world but these, but these, liars, don’t understand that I know who they are. And I know what they’re trying to do. I don’t want to get anyone fired because they probably have a family and have bills to pay. Just watch your tone out here. I didn’t want any of those women in his office. I walked in that ***** smelling like Michael Kors For Men and he couldn’t take it. These guys need to chill out. Let me find some new ray bans. I’m sick of these jealous guys in my sight. Bottom line is I’m too big to be out here in the general public. Don’t blame me for anything. It could have ended differently. Those women in that office could have said “Oh my god. Why is he throwing those fist like that?” But I’m not that savage. Fist almost certified. I know the rules.

9 year old kid

Don’t worry. Be happy. In every life we have some trouble. But when you worry you make things double. How about Bobby McFerrin?


You’re right. How about Bobby McFerrin?