If I were to help anyone corrupt with the business mind I have, they would blame

me. But at the same time the American society is watching and is doing nothing.

This is not a just society. The youth watches me and they follow. But at the same

time they see society and they wonder whether they should go to your school or

come to Excalibershine. Look at all of those Justis James’s running around in the

industry. Are you too blind to see that?

A school says that I owe them money from before. So, they’re asking me to pay

them before I come to class. Meanwhile my new school money was sent to them

instead of me. Yeah, ok. (Roles sleeves up)

I’ll read this Fortune, I’ll read this Forbes and then show them why my mind is

really a sword. What’s that S word?

I mean I can see the future and I don’t have an understudy as of yet. So I guess

I’ll build something that increases its value by 52% in 24 hours making it $30,000+.

Oh that’s right. I already did …

(RT@shanejjames When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. – ‪#‎LaoTzu‬)

But what should I do with these destroyers of work?

When I was in Europe last year with @Ludacris’s Alcohol partners I thought about

one thing and one thing only. I thought how could people act indifferent to me while

I’ve been this talented, this business minded, and this ethical for this long alone,

while I watch every last single individual drop from my circle because they couldn’t

stand the test of time?

My class doesn’t match my intelligence by default.

No class is irrelevant from that Ebola cough.

My class keeps me celibate from whatevers lost.

My craft keeps me relevant go and tell a boss.