I’m accustomed to bougie blondes with money
Throw those heels on, jewelry on the honey.
Late nights, movin’ til it’s sunny
Dusk til dawn, it’s a movie bring the gummies.
Don’t wear those you might get’m wrinkled
Spray that on, just a little sprinkle.
See you in Paris, meet me at the Hilton
And smell good, ask @ParisHilton
That’s a hustler, 300 days
Who’s a customer? I got 300 ways
I play with numbers and words, phone numbers and names
Nouns under the verbs, whole summer in flames.
12 oclock, 3 oclock. 6 oclock, 9
Thats 2 even 2 odd I aint in my prime.
Call me at 123 – 6 9 2 2
When you see me in the club holla ooo ooooo