I can rock a show like Bon Jovi babe
You can ask Norway record labels can’t save me
I write hit records on the spot and record’m before breakfast
Bold and the beautiful, young and the restless
Hey hey, check out my breath control
I think it then say it then select-a-flow
Beethoven, Mozart, I throw that apron on boy
I’m musically inclined don’t make another noise
They follow my stride ya’ll act like they did it
No respect if no credit chill boy I get it
I write all genres ya’ll must got alzheimer’s
Don’t matter who ya’ll signin’ they’re a million miles from climbin’ ‪#‎ThatsAllItTook‬

Naaa somebody can have that ‪#‎Brainstorming‬

I let my chain swing, I let my ring bling
Crown the same king Naaa somebody can have that ‪#‎Brainstorming‬

Bently merged with maybach how ya business like that
Figured it out already got decisions on my back
might do it til its Naaa somebody can have that ‪#‎Brainstorming‬

That girl looks like she should be mines
Lookin’ good like that , I should rewind ‪#‎ThatsAllItTook‬

Moral of the story: I said I write all genres and styles my ninja.