This is one of the newspapers I was in 7 years ago. I’ll have to get extra copies of the British magazine next month. I don’t have those right now. Let them know who has the best flow of all time before I damage every rap artist. What happens when you interfere with an artist and actors career. What rises when you interfere with that money? What’s rising in America because of it? That shhhh crazy for me out there. New York already knows @Nas didn’t want it and noone else does either. They’re hating on me like they’re hating on @Eminem but I’m solo. I’m about to start letting them have it for a reason:


I know 30 lawyers over the bar ****** learn
I hope ya defense good don’t make me start a firm
Objection rappers get over ruled and cross examined
We hold court All Sun All Moon no manners
You show up with a public defender like its funny
We’ll discipline him in public for defending the public for no money
12 courts with an extra 1 hidden thats 13
Sicily’s favorite number Supreme na’ mean?
Don’t make me get my King Henry ooon ooout, this. *****!
I demand to know who’s side your oooon? Shit!

I can’t wait to get back to Europe…

“They don’t know what we know that’s all we know” …

Excellence yeah, exactly when we meet
Rosary say, don’t make me let those Pakis off the leash
20 hours of dark in the cold, you gon’ pray where?
I run around in shades pitch black ***** say where
You aint use to no, ****, like, that
It’s been 37 times I just get right back
You talk it I talked it I walked I walk it
I lived it I live it could you please get off it?
I know your kind I know your type I know your style
I don’t like it, last ultimatum, bow
To whom it may concern, royalty recruited me young
Acknowledge that or hide your head when we come
Who the **** are you? Don’t act holy-er than thou
We approach presidents, no peace pipe, how
Don’t make me rain dance on you
Like Michael did, probably wear the same pants on you
Uh Don’t make me bang stamps on you
Motor cycle chicks run up with the same stance on you
Uh, I’ll press that
back 2 the back 2 the ***** where ya fresh at?