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Kim Dion is a good friend of mines and she’s also the Executive Film Producer for Boulevard Studios. Take a look at our insightful Q&A.

(Q) How do you like living on the east coast? And how different is the film business from the west coast?

(A) Relocating back east was the best decision I’ve made. I’ve worked on both coasts in the film industry and I can say with confidence that working here has been a better experience. As far as the industry differences between west and east: the industry here feels more real and alive and always moving forward in constant motion, allowing a more creative and professional atmosphere, whereas working on the west coast did feel more geared towards indie (and unpaid or low paying) projects, there was a sense of cliques and difficulty for filmmakers to branch out or get recognized.

(Q) How long have you been involved in the film business?

(A) I’ve been interested in the industry and more specifically casting for a very long time, but I actually got started in 2006 on a feature film as helping out the producer with wardrobe, assisting actors, helping the grip and assisting with lighting… It just kind of went from there. Over time there were more projects and opportunities and great contacts.

(Q) What are your favorite kinds of films to make?

(A) This is a very hard question to answer! The first thing that comes to mind are making documentaries- I love that I can use any creative filming style and format, I can tell the truth and not sugar coat it, I can share stories and cause change and I don’t have to apologize for being honest about touchy topics. My second favorite is definitely rom-coms, I have 2 amazing feature scripts in my lap that I’d absolutely love to make!

(Q) Do you prefer film or theater? And why?

(A) No brainer: film. I literally killed 7 brain cells just taking the time to think about theater. I completely support an actor who wants to do both or at least gain the experience of the other, but no- theater is not for me. I prefer to work in film. I do know a couple fantastic theater actors who are really doing very well and are extremely talented and I’ll continue to cheer them on!

(Q) If you could work with anyone in Hollywood who would it be?

(A) Ok this is a loaded question… Who would I want to work with? There’s a list of course! My dream would be to work alongside my favorite director Sofia Coppola, she is wildly talented as a filmmaker and continues to think outside the box and push the lines of what is deemed acceptable. Her last 4 films are some of my most favorite to watch. I’d also love to work with Bigelow- talk about raw talent and passion for the industry! Just being able to work on one of her film sets …. I could die a fulfilled woman. There are several actors I’d love to work with as well like Shia LaBeouf, Gael Garcia Bernal, Emmy Rossum, Paul Rudd, Jessica Chastain, Charlize Theron, John Cusack, Jeff Bridges…. The list is extensive!

(Q) Disney leads the way with the most films surpassing the billion dollar mark in ticket sales world wide. With that being said, do you think more family oriented films should be made by other film companies in order to compete?

(A) Eh, Disney is always gonna lead in this area, which is fine, that’s their niche. People usually equate family films with their name, so let ’em keep it. There are plenty of awesome studios out there giving audiences all the other flavors.

(Q) What do you think of the porn industry?

(A) Oh my god am I allowed to even answer this question? I personally have not worked on a porn set- wait, one gig was close but anyway, how do I feel about their industry? I’d say if they are all actually consenting adults and protect themselves properly and are comfortable with their roles and not compromising their individual beliefs then who’s to say they can’t choose to work in that industry? I wish it was banned to show any violence, but I don’t know the reality of that. God this question makes me nervous!

(Q) What’s the name of the longest production you’ve ever done? And how long did it take?

(A) The longest production….. Of course projects get put on hold or things happen and it can take longer than expected, I’d say the longest project has been scripts waiting to get funded and all the preproduction work that goes into it.

(Q) What’s your exact job title in film?

(A) My job title: I’m the Executive Producer for Boulevard Studios. ( I do producing, casting, advising, also a Sag-Aftra Signatory Producer)

(Q) Can we work on a film one day?

(A) Yes! I’m currently in production on a feature length documentary about teen girls who are struggling with self injuring behavior, depression, sexual identity, sexuality, communication with parents. We filmed on the west coast over the summer with about 20 teen boys and girls and a panel of parents and we are casting the end of this year to film 3-5 teen girls with one on one interviews in the New York area. We are accepting music submissions as well! It’s a great project and I hope to help foster communication between teens and their parents about touchy topics.