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Ask the Norwegians what I’m doing in Norway when I’m not recording or working with fashion in the summer. They’ll say, “He’s either partying, running and riding up and down the falls, or in the woods tucked between logs reading and writing.”
They have me out here in America with no recording studio, no fashion, and no woods like I don’t live it.

They would have popped Kanye’s head off for having that weed smoke in the hotel a floor under royalty in Europe if it wasn’t for me.
The urban markets trying to undo me like I wasn’t in D.C reading 10th grade books in 3rd grade in the summers. “What You Got” is pop. What’s the problem?
There is no competition. Don’t make me do it to Cornell West or whoever without a college degree. Easy.

Look who they follow.

I know what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to copy my style like they don’t see that thing going off already. Don’t make them set it off worse.
Basically what I’m saying is, “Get these old ass ideas away from my career before this new energy tears everything up.”

And another thing. Black History month? A whole month for what? Thanksgiving was one day and you loved it. Africans sold Africans into slavery. Stop blaming everyone else. See yourself.

Not one Caucasian taught them that. That’s all I’m saying.
Now call me another white boy.

Whole collection of Encyclopedia Britannica’s read by 6th grade. I was sitting in class for what?