You know, (I personally) try not to be negatively orientated when it comes to the news because it’s not my cup of tea. But I’m sitting back and watching how the KKK has been recruiting inside of the black communities in America to stop racism and to protect the U.S borders, and how the Nation Of Islam and the new black panther party are being looked at as terrorist now. So I’m wondering what Barack Obama is going to do about that problem inside of the United States Of America. The ideas on one side are definitely heading in the right direction, while the other side is certainly an internal threat. Boy do they ever need an expert psychic.

Look at what natures making people do to each other because they are harming the earth. The Prince Of Wales and I have been promoting the same thing for some time now, and it’s starting to appear like only royalty believes it. Only fools underestimate how intelligent nature is.

Some of you were born cynics. Some of you were born critics. And some of you were born to witness, so that you can become believers, there’s a difference.

I talk it for nature.