RT@JustisJames1 @hopesolo whipped her nephews *** because her husband was abusive. I wouldn’t mind a woman like that throwing me around. Break me mmmm.

RT@JustisJames1 @hopesolo I don’t have fantasy women. I go after what I want infront of everyone to see if I can get her. I aint never scared.

RT@JustisJames1 @hopesolo Now show them what you’re workin with babe

RT@JustisJames1 @hopesolo is crazy for me.

RT@JustisJames1 @AllisonBaver use to be crazy for me before I left the country the first time.

RT@JustisJames1 @rihanna is crazy for me. She didn’t need an eagles football player like I’m stupid.Was spying on me. She’s crazy for me.

RT@JustisJames1 And when @chrisbrown threw a shot at @rihanna, @rihanna gassed me up. I through a shot at Chris and it was over. And then @rihanna left me out in Norway like my ex fiance wasn’t whipping my ***. She didn’t know me any more. Ask @UncleRUSH I bet you he saw the whole ****.

RT@JustisJames1 Now I only have eyes for @hopesolo. She’s crazy for me.