Rap Artist Tupac Shakur was shot for the first time in New York City because people didn’t know he was really Tupac Shakur. They saw what Tupac Shakur looked like on television but wasn’t so sure as to what he looked like in person. And to look at it from the general publics point of view, most people wouldn’t believe that they saw a star or celebrity because to them it’s unreal in certain environments. Especially if they don’t have bodyguards or cameras following them all of the time. I strongly have reason to believe that his attackers didn’t know it was really him.

People always say that this male and that female looks like so and so on television all of the time. So I can see how easily it would be for a member of the general public to not recognize a celebrity or star. The bodyguards and cameras complete the celebrity and star in front of the general public. Without them, they can be ignored, misidentified, or get caught up in a situation of “mistaken identity”.