“Achievement Is Free”

There is this idea in the minds of some that makes them believe that money is more valuable than achievement. Money has never been more valuable than achievement. Many times money has been the adversary of achievement. The reason I say that money has been the adversary of achievement many times is because organized groups in the form of businesses ranging from schools to entertainment have used it as a weapon against achievement. Do you know what that does? It interferes with what’s natural and that’s evolution and destiny.

Evolution and destiny are builders of work. They never impede the progress of ones work. Once an individual surpasses a certain level they become aware of what destiny has in-store for them because of their personal growth, development, and evolution. Nature becomes one with its protectors and you can feel each others pain, passion, desire, and happiness.

Now if those organized groups use money as a weapon with the intentions of destroying ones work which impedes the progress of ones achievement, those behind that money are destroyers of work. So they have to be the adversary of achievement, destiny, and nature in its purest form. Attitudes are learned behaviors so what you can learn can be unlearned if it isn’t in harmony with nature. Be a destroyer of work and that’s your own karma.

“Achievement is free to roam but positions of authority exist for a reason.” Positions of authority exist so that you do not become destructive. Create in search of perfection. look at how detail oriented a snowflake is under a microscope. It’s perfect. You can’t see it with the naked eye. Achievement starts in the mind’s eye. I personally think that competition exist to keep you sharper than your last achievement. But I don’t need competition. All I need to do is constantly create the way I was intended too without destructive interference because of destructive emotions.

That slows down something that could cure or solve a problem or an imperfection. Don’t interfere with achievement because that’s anticlimactic.