You’re from New York City full of millions of people and you’ve made something of yourself in that small *** city with a population of 10,000? ‪#‎GetTheseGuysSomeMedicine

‬They knew me in a city in Europe with a population of a million people for just minding my business ‪#‎YouCantBeSerious

Now these *********** from small cities thinks this entertainment business is a let me try, my turn, musical chair situation. But it’s really a don’t do it, if you try that **** without proper development you’re done out here situation ‪#‎YouCantBeSerious

I’ve been doing this entertainment professionally since 18 and never received a check. I paid my dues.

They want me to skinny joey it like I don’t know a crack pipe smoking, confidential informing, police worker feeding law enforcement the wrong information, lying on everything I do like I’m stupid ‪#‎LMAO

Help help. I’m tired of whipping everybodys *** by myself, look. I need bodyguards before someone gets hurt.