They have me surrounded by people who don’t read @Forbes.
And if I read @Forbes I must be the kind of individual who soars.
I didn’t fall, they pushed me from behind.
And it’s looking like @S_C_ lost his mind.

@CocaCola break.

Ye @kanyewest recruited @KimKardashian I gave Kim fashion advice.
After the baby, she didn’t know me anymore right?

@CocaCola break.

I encouraged @ParisHilton she got signed to Cash Money.
Then acted like she forgot who was in her ear like honey.
I supported @Oprah with OWN, she won those awards.
And forgot my name like I’m not a masterclass sword.
Let the story begin: @OWNTV : THEY SAID “OWN” “NOW” AND SHE “WON”
(November 2011) I’m A one one
I said: @OWNTV : THEY SAID “OWN” “NOW” AND SHE “WON” SUPER SOUL SUNDAY I’m feeling like the one (June 2012)
Ask @mark_wahlberg I do my own stunts.
I’m supposed to be dead but I’m BACK! to the front.