I jogged 20 miles today from New Jersey through Philly to Bala Cynwyd. I started at 2pm and ended at 7pm in 38 degree weather. So it took me 5 hours to jog 20 miles including 15 minutes at star bucks for a Blue Machine, Turkey & Cheese, and 1 banana. The youth came out and watched me. They love it when someone does something like that because the older generations are addicted to alcohol and drugs. That was actually my 2nd time this year that I jogged 20 miles in 5 hours. I’ll have to reduce that time. So far I’ve jogged a total of 950 miles. 50 more miles to go until I reach 1000 and then I’ll officially call myself a trail runner. I know I set the bar high for myself but I’m programmed for greatness. #PersonalDevelopment