When I’m in Norway, Americans eat Big Macs in front of me with knives and forks. Am I missing something? I’ve tasted it after a jog. It taste like a Big Mac. What’s so special about it? The young boys follow me in Norway too.

But I’ll never eat Pakistini food without the Pakis present.

One night my ex fiance threw me out of the house again. And the Ethiopians decided to have a party in front of me knowing I partied with the Swedish the night before on the same roof. And a few people from London came and they made it look like so much fun. I swear it looked like a music video. I’m sitting in the corner like why did they move that party near me? Trying to get me in more trouble. ‪#‎PartyAnimal‬

The thing about Europe is that when I reach a certain point, if I don’t have any love inside, I have love outside. In America it’s just no love left for me.

I really live this music and film world. I need nature, those forest and those wooded areas. They’ll never understand that.

After my accident America tries to use this systematic way of not supporting me in order to trap me and Europe sees it. That’s a very dangerous game.

Would you look at that. Isn’t my perspective in search of perfection?

What America needs to know is that, I can be the head of 26 major labels ‪#‎BigBusiness‬

I mean after all. I did see Universal Records and Warner Music Groups business transitions before they took place, and offered advice. That’s the worlds biggest and the only one on the stock market. Don’t pretend around me, you better be that ****.

Don’t offend multi million dollar mindstates. You’re there for a reason. Do your job correctly or we’ll eliminate every middle man in the music business and do things like the Chinese. “American business leaders tend to think of their activities as a series of episodes to be managed by legal processes and predictable norms. And The Chinese manage their internal affairs by relationships, not by legal processes“
– Henry Kissinger. Unblock ways.

We need more people like @jrridinger in this world. There’s a certain standard and quality when it comes to getting the job done.