BACK2THEFRESH (AP) I recently worked for an international mutual fund and real estate company headquartered in Cyprus, which use to be apart of Greece. Now I’m currently in the United States Of America so I worked for them from The United States.

I’m all about wealth building so this is what I did and what I was in the process of doing. I initially opened up an account with Wells Fargo in Cherry Hill, New Jersey with a banker by the name of Steve with direct deposit attached to it. I then opened up another account with that same exact bank. Now after receiving a certain amount of direct deposits in my Wells Fargo account from my employer Wells Fargo made the business decision to close my bank accounts down. They made that business decision to close my bank accounts just a week before I received my tax ID number. I was going to open up a business account with them because a business account was better suited for the deposits I received (international real estate, mutual fund company) but for some odd reason they closed my accounts.

So I went to Chase Bank in Trenton NJ to open up a regular account with a banker by the name of Nancy. I told Nancy that my checking account was temporary until I opened up my businesses account because of the deposits. Nancy in return told me that they might close my account if the deposits are too big. I understood that and agreed. But I reminded her once again that I was waiting for my EIN number for my business EXCALIBERSHINE ENTERPRISES LLC. She then said ok. As soon as I received the first deposit not only did they close my account but NANCY claimed the deposit wasn’t meant for me. I looked at her and said what makes you say that? And she had all kinds of claims. I then contacted my employer to let them know what had taken place, and they said that we’d basically get down to the bottom of it. Chase sent me about $10 in the mail and kept thousands for no reason.

I still had to work and I still had bills to pay so I went to BANK OF AMERICA and opened up an account with a banker by the name of Stacy. I let them know that I was waiting on my EIN number so that I could open up a business account because the deposits were for real estate and mutual funds. The day before I received my EIN number BANK OF AMERICA closed my bank account the same way CHASE did, and  the same way WELLS FARGO did! Chase never sent me correct amount of funds. Which is a little over $26,000.

I no longer have that job because of those 3 banks closing my accounts down.

Once again I’m into wealth building so maybe those bankers couldn’t understand my strategic planning. I would like to know what happened. If the corporate offices of those 3 banks are interested in telling me why my accounts were closed I’d appreciate it. My contact info is at the top of the page.

Thank You.

“Trenton New Jersey. Only spent about $2,000 before you closed my account and kept my money”