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I drink all kinds of water. In fact I’m sort of a water connoisseur. I only like three brands of water and I like them for a reason.

The first brand is “Poland Spring”. I love Poland Spring because of its creaminess. It gives me a sense of fulfillment. When I usually think of Poland Spring, I think of melting snow running across jagged stones into a freezing body of water. The people behind Poland Spring had to have the correct idea when it came to producing and naming their product, because it’s in sync. With a tagline like, “Born Better”, you better believe them. After all Wegmans does. Their bottled water taste just like Poland Spring. The only thing different about the two, is that they have different bottle wrappings.

The second brand is actually my favorite to drink, “ETHOS”. I usually buy bottles of those from Starbucks for about $2 USD. “ETHOS” means character in Greek. The Greeks also used the word “Ethos” when speaking about the power of music to influence ones emotions, morals, and behavior. The owners of ETHOS definitely chose the right word when naming their brand.

And finally, “Smart Water”. It’s called Smart Water for a reason. If I’m not mistaken, I think it actually makes you smarter. Smart Water is owned by the Coca Cola company. It replenishes the body and quenches your thirst. I usually pick up about 4 bottles of these every time I go shopping. It’s the choice of water I take running with me rain or sun.