I received an anonymous tip from Philadelphia, Pa today. The person who left the anonymous tip said that Joey Merlino is my father and the streets of Philadelphia tried to make me be him. But I’m not him, I’m myself.

Let me start off by saying that I can never be my father. He has his own life and I have my own. I’ve been involved in music and film for years before my hit and run accident in 2010. It took almost 5 whole years in order for me to regain my memory. And the sad part about it is that people acted as if they didn’t know who I was and I’m the one who had amnesia. Read Bio: About Justis James

Reading through past newspaper articles and watching footage from before, I’m definitely not a Philadelphia Mafia Boss. Some of the things that I’ve been through was because of his lifestyle and not mines. My destiny is something else and I’ve accepted that. I just want people to accept the fact that I’m in music and film and not in the American underworld. Since being released from prison recently he’s been working at Merlino’s in Boca Raton. I haven’t seen him face to face as of yet but I hear he’s doing fine.

And “I may have said some things in the past on my records but it’s all entertainment”. I know what he went through, so why would I want to go down that same road in America?

I believe in the AMERICAN DREAM.