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Maneuvered like Rothschild they remember it plus
Ask Pennsauken, all summer I put dominicans up
Aww man, ask Europe, ask Russia, Ask Asia
Check out my karma, my style, my swag, last ages
Ya’ll over ya’ll heads, she’s head over heels
10’s, 20’s, 100’s, I read over bills
I talk to’m over beats, they get the chills like that
Major labels better know they get mills right back
I know about Guy Hands and PriceWaterHouseCoopers
Don’t make me head 26 major labels, ya’ll stupid?
I put that fashion on you, Half Rez and Queen Of Italy
Via Della Spiga my #####, you see the energy
@CocaCola bottles in my pocket see it through my coat bottom
Pepsi and Coke, Coke and Pepsi, No problem
I say my favorite line of all time comin’ through doors
Ya’ll ###### out of pocket like money on the floor
Me and @JuTaun use to hustle cd’s inside of malls
Broke @CherryHillMall in half like we run these walls