Haters hi, I’ll be with ya’ll in a minute
Excalibershine, All in ma visions
How they gone win? They rather run away
Tipis to Farrakhan before Columbus Day
All that pizza eatin’, all that spirit walkin’
Iroquois confederacy, I know you hear it talkin’
Catch don’t let it fall, dream catchers on ma walls
Dear Mr President please get off my balls
I Johnny Cochran a ***** like, hey Kim
You wanna keep ya position? Don’t! make him
Dance on a beat like MJ did
My flow is a language ask MJ’s kids
Don’t make me Peter Pan the Peter Pan and see the man
I’m sittin’ at the table, royal flush, see the hand?
I was dealt bad cards, sent them back, replaced those
Got designers out in Europe waiting for us, make clothes