Rumor has it is that Will Smith has been stealing from me for years. I’ll tell you what. I don’t think that he has been stealing from me directly. But I do believe that some people around him have been feeding him some of my ideas with out his knowledge.

AND I also know for a fact that people in the American Music Business knew about how he was doing that but they said NOTHING! Do you know what they did? They thought that I was good enough for Will Smith I was good enough for them so they stole from me directly and got CAUGHT! For instance, after my hit and run accident, I heard someone once say, “Jay teed off so the roc set if off“. (AND I WAS BY MYSELF) We all know that and no one did anything about it. I didn’t need to pay dues like that! I’ve been in meetings in New York young with President of A&R’s years ago with their heads nodding to my music, while they were on phones making sure artist had their albums done!

But yes Will Smith stole from me like everyone does!