Check This Out: In America they’re out here sabotaging me trying to make me commit a crime while they’re all watching me so that I can lose what I have. So the consequence of that is more and more people are getting kicked off of PUBLIC ASSISTANCE.

Public assistance is a priviledge because not everyone can get it!

If you are receiving public assistance make sure you do the correct things with it, and it will get better for you. You’re privileged. Now you understand that.

Complete the entire program. Don’t just sit home waiting for a check in the mail while everyone else goes to work all week long. If you just sit at home waiting for a public assistance check to come in the mail, that leaves a bad taste in the mouths of tax payers.

It leaves a bad taste in the mouths of tax payers because they’ll look at you as being worthless.

Now if you go through the entire program no tax payer will ever look at you as being worthless. If you don’t have any children you are what they call G.A, and if you do have children you are called TANIF. G.A and TANIF is the way individuals are classified within the public assistance program.

I believe that public assistance was put into position to help “RESTART THE ECONOMY” a long time ago. So if you are receiving public assistance make sure you do what you have to do.

I don’t like using the phrase welfare because that word is associated with negative and anticlimactic things. So I’m asking you to get familiar with the phrase “PUBLIC ASSISTANCE”. And did you know that if you are just receiving health care and food benefits they don’t even call it welfare? THEY only call it welfare if you receive that cash.

Many people receive public assistance because of job loss. And many people get public assistance because they are just greedy. WORK!

Never be ashamed to apply for public assistance because it is pro-life. You get health care, you get food, and you get cash. Public assistance is for every culture and every creed.

Many countries don’t have PUBLIC ASSISTANCE. So if you are receiving benefits, remember that you are privileged. Do the correct things with it. Don’t let me down.