Ya’ll out here vouching’ for them other dudes

I’m out here like I got another double U

Like a salon, I sit you in a chair relax you

She love me long time, make her wear my tattoo

Ya’ll aint hear the word flamboyant since L

Battle anybody I don’t care who you tell

Chose one, Def Jam or Harlem World

Always with the bad ******* you can ask the college girls

Those same bad ******* like Jus’ chill fore they get jealous

I’m like iiiiIIIght then, you know we know they tellin

Whispers} I’m what the young boys follow after school out

I’m what the young girls follow like it’s cool out

Ya’ll outta pocket like money on the floor

I pick a ***** up like it’s money on the floor

All Sun All Moon, who the temp tag bosses?

They aint understand so they bent back crosses

In ma red rays like Nosferatu

Nas aint wannit so I tear the top too

In the sneaker store like you know the size shoe

Give me those on the bottom just in case I tear the top two

That’s 3 pair 3 peat, all net

What I need rings for? Put up who? y’all bet

I play wit a beat like I’m dribbling down court

Johnny Cochran in his prime I can build my own court

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