RUMOR HAS IT that someone tried to sale my story “All Sun All Moon” to Jay Z, Shawn Carter, you know Beyonce’s husband!

First of all MY BOOK! “All Sun All Moon” comes out July 4th 2016. And I’m sick and tired of people doing the stupidest ****. How in the world are you going to try to sale MY story? Let me breath for christ sakes! I’m doing everything by myself already so chill out. It’s not that kind of party! NEVER PLAGIARIZE ME. I do my own work! I don’t borrow. I create my own beats! I write my own songs! I record my own songs! And I perform my own songs!

AND YOU KNOW WHAT?! The only reason I even started writing MY STORY “ALL SUN ALL MOON” is because of the Vampire Diaries. HOLLYWOOD! They thought I was stupid! So don’t act like I don’t see what they do! AND YOU KNOW WHAT?! WAIT UNTIL JOEY FINDS OUT!