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In 2012 Oprah asked me to write a letter to my younger self so I wrote it in the form of a poem. And it went something like this:

Hey you, younger me, about 16

Oprah wanted me to write a letter to you because I miss me

Well its the future you, reaching back to give you guidance

So watch out for models and watch out for pirates

And if they are ever afraid to do it, then no silence

And when you record music they dont all want you to succeed

So when your past a certain point, you have to just believe

And never give up because losings not an option, you’ll see

And every smile isn’t friendly and isn’t meant what its supposed to be

And even when you mind your business they’ll still try to interfere

So what ever message you send across make sure its sincere

Make it clear and straight to the point

Dont beat around the bush make sure they hear your voice

Sincerely the future You

Ps. The movie business and the music business is sort of the same

Except you’ll have to do a whole lot by your self but they’ll say your name

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