They have all of these “children” in the record business so that they can watch the children? Are you crazy? It’s a multi billion dollar business. Hire a baby sitter or a nanny. They’re in the way of the money. It’s just way too many. It’s not a playground. It’s bad enough that bootleggers got in the way before.

I’m not opposed to talented children in the record business but there are just way too many. It’s a business just like any other business. The only difference is that it’s a multi billion dollar business. It takes talent and record sales in order to keep the record business thriving. Who’s bright idea was it to over saturate the record business with children?

Was it mommy and daddy who told their children to watch music videos and mimic what they see so that they could get a record deal, so that they wouldn’t have to work? I think not! I’m going to go with uniformed people who don’t understand the words, “It’s a Multi Billion Dollar Business!”

A few years ago artist went through something called, “Artist Development”. What in the world is going on now? Not all of them are developed and music is POWERFUL. They don’t understand yet and it’s not their fault! I think their should be some sort of law that states that, ” You can’t work in the record business until you’re 16 years of age”, just like any other place of employment.

Holes in the ship have to be plugged and voids need to be filled.